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December 30, 2015: Munchkin Comic #12: Spyke And Flower Get The (Endless) Shaft

Munchkin Comic Number 12 CoverMunchkin 12 previewsIf Deck the Dungeons #1 merely whetted your appetite for Munchkin comics this December, go check out issue #12, on sale now. In the first adventure, The Endless Shaft (TM), Spyke and Flower find themselves free-falling into deep, deep, deep trouble. The second story, The Savage Sword of Munchkin, finally throws a spotlight on the most talented character, the Singing and Dancing Sword. Can it make its way in the cutthroat world of performing weaponry? (Hah! See what I did there?)

You can find issue #12 at your local comic book store, or if you are a sad human being, living far from such a store, you can find it online.

-- Alain H. Dawson

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