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December 25, 2015: Holiday Themed Games

Munchkin Christmas LiteHave you played Munchkin Christmas Lite yet? As a relative newcomer to Munchkin, I'm enjoying the simplicity and speed of play with this small version of the classic game. I'm picking up copies for the kids in my family who haven't yet played Munchkin yet as an introduction to the game. For the families with multiple kids, here are the other holiday-themed games I'm picking up this season to share:

Twelve Days by Calliope. With gorgeous art by Echo Chernik and game design by James Ernest & Mike Selinker this game teaches some set collection over the course of 12 rounds of gifting and re-gifting.

Spot it! Holidays by Blue Orange. Everyone loves Spot It! and there are tons of ways to play. A great choice for families with a wide range of ages since the 6 year olds are often faster than Grandma.

Holiday Fluxx by Looney Labs. A simple version of the classic game featuring holidays from Halloween to New Years with beautiful painted artwork by Ali Douglass.

Happy Holidays! by North Star Games. A light-hearted game of figuring out what bizarre gifts your family will choose as their favorite and least favorite on their turn as the gift recipient.

Any of these games are great choices for gamers and non-gamers alike. They'll work as stocking stuffers or as an activity at one of your holiday parties to help you avoid the dreaded antler ring toss - because it's not a good idea to start throwing things at your loved ones' heads during the holiday season.

-- Amber Cook

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