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December 21, 2015: John Kovalic Introduces Munchkin Zombies, Illustrated By Greg Hyland

Girl Sprout Watching the varied, talented, terrific creators complete their Munchkin Guest Artist stints in anticipation for 2016's 15th anniversary of Munchkin has been, well, humbling, to say the least . . . by which I mean, "DANG, why can't I draws that gud?"


I'm keeping my eye on my pal Greg Hyland in particular. Twelve or so years ago, when Munchkin Fu was first being discussed, I was far too busy to work on it (there was at least one other major Munchkin deadline looming, and -- I believe -- a Chez Geek one, as well). So I suggested Greg take over Fu.


This was selfish, on my part, because I had adored Greg's work for some time, and wanted to see more of it!


Greg draws the classic superhero parody comic, Lethargic Lad, and as far as I'm concerned, it's near-perfect. We've been pals since I got him to contribute some backups to the Dork Tower comic book, and he even joined me on one of my favorite covers ever. (Ed. note: That would be Dork Tower #16.)


For the Munchkin Guest Artist series, Greg was tabbed to take on Munchkin Zombies. And I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.


Munchkin Zombies is a game near and dear to my (undead) heart. In its early stages. I took a big ol' chunk of time (rare, with most Munchkin deadlines) to tackle proper character design for the the zombies' look. Read all about it in next February's Munchkin Book.


So I was chuffed that Greg was offered one of my favorite Munchkin games to re-imagine. And boy, has he hit it out of the park (Gravedigger's Shovel, +5). The unique look I created for the Munchkin Zombies got turned on its (often dismembered) head by Greg, who, frankly, goes places I would never go. Apparently he has the guts for it. Lots and lots of guts . . . as well as the odd arms, legs, and, of course, braiiiiiiiiins. The viscera is visceral.


Greg's Babysitter looks far more frightened, as she probably should, than mine ever did. But his Girl Sprout could take you quicker than you could say "Thin Mints." It's an honor, and just a touch scary, having talented artists take on the cards you are known for. But I'm too busy laughing my butt off (HEY! That should be a card) at Greg's magnificent takes.

Time for some CHAMPAIIIIIIIIGN . . .

-- John Kovalic

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