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December 29, 2015: 2015 Stakeholders Report Preview

I was terribly late with the 2014 stakeholders report. That's an embarrassing and painful fact I'll never live down. The year simply got away from me as I focused on tasks that kept games selling and staff paid. My delays in completing the report on time let all of you down and all I can do is say: That will not happen again.

As proof that I've gotten better at clearing time for the bigger things, I am happy to say that you will see the 2015 report early in 2016. How do I know this? Because it's (mostly) done. Once we make a last few last minute adjustments (we need to wait for final 2015 sales numbers and a few other bits of info) then we'll be able to release it to the world.

Our 2016 priorities are ambitious – Munchkin again gets a lot of attention, and we have staff dedicated to Car Wars and Ogre in 2016 – and I believe we're starting the year with more under control than we have in a long time. At the moment, we already have over a dozen new titles for the year at print and several more closing in on the final stages of design and development.

2016 is going to be a fantastic year.

-- Phil Reed

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