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December 25, 2008: Merry Christmas!

The office is closed today. Really, no kidding, closed. We're home playing games.

Now, here's something that you probably didn't know unless you're one of our testers. We've been working on a couple of iPhone apps. They're not in the App Store, though, so all I have to say is that they're on the way.

But Kira, who's doing the coding, has written an app of her own, and I like it enough to plug it. It's called "Holiday Bells." For 99 cents you can turn your iPhone into a jingle-bell shaker, a handbell (with eight notes to choose from), or a whole little set of eight bells to play. And the bell sounds are not synth - they're actual recordings, so they sound like real bells. I got my 99 cents worth of fun from this one in the first five minutes, when I figured out "Jingle Bells," and I'm still playing with it.

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-- Steve Jackson

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