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February 25, 2013: Mind Your Manors (And Armor, And Puckle Guns . . .)

Pyramid #3/52: Low-Tech II

It's time once again for the latest in what we know of yesterday, with Pyramid #3/52: Low-Tech II, the newest installment of Pyramid on e23. Building off the timeless foundation of GURPS Low-Tech, this issue features information from Low-Tech co-author Matt Riggsby on how to support a manor . . . or how much support a manor will provide you.

It also includes a detailed look at a caravanserai (serving as a supplement to the classic adventure Caravan to Ein Arris), plus offensive options in the form of a new optional combat maneuver and expanded details about a firearm ahead of its time. We didn't skimp on protection, either: we've uncovered secrets about hidden armor, and if you'd like a system to design your own low-tech armor . . . well, GURPS Fourth Edition co-architect David L. Pulver has rules that will let you unleash your inner blacksmith.

A cutting-edge digital release in support of ye olde technology? Embrace the paradox; pick up this issue individually, or start your subscription today with more lore of yore!

-- Steven Marsh

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