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January 3, 2021: GURPS Robots Now In Print-On-Demand


Our team continues to prepare older GURPS titles for release as print-on-demand books, expanding the GURPS On Demand part of our catalog. Now, dozens of long out-of-print GURPS books are once again available in hardcopy! The latest release? GURPS Robots, giving you all of the tools you need to construct all sorts of automotons in your GURPS campaign.

The entire GURPS On Demand line is run under Amazon's print-on-demand services, making it as easy as possible for all of you -- almost anywhere in the world! -- to add these books to your collection without paying too much in shipping. 

Click here to learn more about GURPS Robots and then go here to see all of the books currently offered under the GURPS On Demand program.

-- Phil Reed

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