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January 30, 2021: Got My Shot!

I got my first COVID-19 jab Tuesday night. The injection itself was painless. Today the arm is a bit sore, but nothing serious.

The vaccination operation at San Marcos High School was big but smooth, and I am very grateful to the dozens of health workers and other volunteers who were out there making it work.

I did note one problem with the online signup, and I've read that other places have the same issue. The process is:

(1) Pick an open slot from the schedule provided.

(2) Fill out a questionnaire to establish that you are eligible for the vaccine.

(3) Press enter.

(4) Stare in disbelief as it tells you that slot was taken by someone else while you were filling out the form.

(5) Repeat!

I went through this routine twice before realizing that I needed to pick a slot well out in the future. That worked. But whoever is writing that code should get in and change it so FIRST you establish eligibility, THEN you pick a slot. That would reduce frustration and load on the server.

-- Steve Jackson

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