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January 11, 2021: 2020 Dice Bag Sales Ranking


2020 was our first year experimenting with a series of dice bags for distribution sales, and we can happily report that the experiment was a success! The five dice bags performed remarkably well, two of them (Dice Dragon and Cthulhu) so very well that we have new printings* scheduled for release later this year.

  1. Dice Dragon Dice Bag
  2. Dice Bag: Cthulhu
  3. Dice Bag: Skeletons
  4. Dice Bag: Lich
  5. Dice Bag: Illuminati

Supplies are running low on a few of these. If you've not yet grabbed your favorite design, you can find the bags today at your local game store. See our store finder to locate the store closest to you.

* For the second printing of each, we're making changes to the bag designs. The Dice Dragon Dice Bag is being produced in a new color (with a new color die) and the Cthulhu bag is swapping out the artwork so that it doesn't look exactly like the first printing. Watch our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) for pics of the samples once we've received them from the factory.

-- Phil Reed

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