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January 19, 2021: Deadly Doodles 2 Gets Rave Reviews

Deadly Doodles 2 was a big release for us in 2020, and it continues to get awesome reviews into the new year as well! That's fantastic to see, but not surprising: Deadly Doodles 2 is loaded with content to expand the base game. Six new maps on dry-erase board, multiple new scoring mechanics, and the addition of fun dice interaction all add tons of replayability to the already fun Deadly Doodles.

Before You Play enjoyed the game, citing its unique theme and the variability with the entrances, while Meeple Mountain lauded the "surprises in these new dungeons". Both Stella from Meeple University and Bebo from BeBoldGames shared inspiring how-to-plays of Deadly Doodles 2 (as well as the base game) so give those a watch as well to learn how to navigate these dangerous depths! 

Thanks to all the superb content creators who are sharing the love for Deadly Doodles and Deadly Doodles 2! If you don't have your own copies yet, pick them up at your local game store, or grab them both on Warehouse 23

P.S.: Don't forget our extra free-to-download holiday maps!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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