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January 5, 2019: In The Labyrinth Copy Zero!


This is me, gloating in a most unseemly fashion over my hardcover copy of In The Labyrinth. But those haven't even been printed yet! Neat trick, yes?

We always get what is effectively a printer proof of each new product. So a few days ago I was searching my PDF of In The Labyrinth to check some stats for the upcoming adventure. I was wishing the hardcopies were done – I needed to sticky note a few things for later. And then I realized that we did have a hardcopy, languishing on Sabrina's shelf. So I rescued it and put it to work. Yea, verily, Copy Zero!

Now it lives on my desk at home and makes me happy every time I see it. Useful, too.

-- Steve Jackson

NOTE: The hardcover of In the Labyrinth was offered during last year's Kickstarter campaign. The Legacy Edition box, set for release to stores in April, includes a softcover of the In the Labyrinth rulebook. Will we offer a hardcover for those who missed out on last year's Kickstarter project? Yes! See The Fantasy Trip Adventures campaign on Kickstarter for another chance at the hardcover . . . as well as a shot at the first printing of the Legacy Edition box and the new Adventures collection. – PR

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