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January 30, 2019: DragonQuest Worldbuilding

Everybody remember DragonQuest? It was SPI's answer to D&D, and it had a good run before it went out of print. There were three editions, the last in 1989.

Anyway, DragonQuest author Eric Goldberg has asked me to try to track down a DQ manuscript I wrote in the early '80s. If SPI had remained in business, this would have come out as an SPI book about worldbuilding. But . . . not in this timeline.

I no longer have that manuscript. Pesky flood . . . This was so long ago that it was actually typed, on an actual typewriter, so no electronic copies exist. But I know that at least twice, at the request of DQ fans, I sent out photocopies. So here's a long-shot request: If any of you were recipients, or second-hand recipients, or whatever, of this material, can you get in touch with me? Thanks!

-- Steve Jackson

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