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January 23, 2019: Video: The Fantasy Trip "Megahex Storage Box"

We're putting a lot of work into making the Legacy Edition of The Fantasy Trip a game that will be long remembered as a great thing. There's a lot of fun packed into the box, and one of the stretch goals met during the Kickstarter project was for the creation of a "Megahex Storage Box," which is what it sounds like: A custom box designed to hold the die-cut megahexes that are packed inside the game. For a better understanding, check out this video that we posted to Facebook:

The "Megahex Storage Box" is only one of several components that are exclusive to the first printing of the Legacy Edition of the game. If you backed the Kickstarter project and will be getting a Legacy Edition, you're getting this special storage box! And if you missed the campaign, don't worry! The printing of the game that we're releasing in stores in April includes this box; no promises how long the first printing will last, though. We didn't overrun our first printing by a lot; we will start discussing the timing of a second printing once we ship out all of the games in March and April.

-- Phil Reed

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