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January 29, 2019: You Missed The Fantasy Trip Adventures? Don't Worry!

As often happens when a Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, we're receiving the same question over and over: "I missed out on the Kickstarter campaign! How can I get the Adventures book?"

Nothing to worry about, gang, because there will be more chances for you to preorder this new book of adventures for The Fantasy Trip before we pull the trigger and place our print order. 

  • Late this month, we will open Adventures for preorder on BackerKit.
  • Next month, under the Warehouse 23 Kickstarter account, we'll have a new TFT campaign where you'll be able to add Adventures to your rewards.

Best of all, nothing in the Adventures campaign was exclusive to Kickstarter, so you've not missed out! The only thing you're missing by not joining in the Kickstarter campaign is access to the updates and the option to comment on the project.

To guarantee that you don't miss out on next month's campaign, or any new Kickstarter project, please be sure to follow both the Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 accounts. Kickstarter sends a notification whenever an account launches a new project, so following both will ensure that you get an email each time that we take something new to Kickstarter.

-- Phil Reed

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