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January 12, 2019: Video: Unboxing The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition

We're happy to report that The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition game is set to ship from the factory next week and is on schedule to mail out to Kickstarter backers starting in March. This over-sized, over-loaded, and over-hauled new edition of the classic TFT roleplaying game is a gorgeous and incredible work of art, improved dramatically thanks to all of your support for the game's Kickstarter project last year. And for a close look inside the box, we've got this unboxing video courtesy of Gloryhoundd. Just look at all of that stuff!

For your own copy of the Legacy Edition box, watch for the game in stores later this year. And if you need even more support for The Fantasy Trip, please don't miss out on the Adventures project on Kickstarter. The campaign brings five adventures to the new edition of TFT, and we're working to unlock more stretch goals as the book attracts more support so that we can make it as fabulous as possible. You can either select the adventures in PDF or, if you wish, a printed collection that also includes new die-cut counters and megahex sheets. Regardless of your choice, your support helps us to expand The Fantasy Trip and guarantees that the game remains an integral part of our 2019 plans. 

-- Phil Reed

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