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January 19, 2022: Now I知 3D Printing (Part 4)

We're about ready to run the BackerKit for the Foes campaign (it may have started by the time you see this.) I am pleased to have helped detect issues along the way. There is no substitute for actually making the stuff. (Playtest, playtest, playtest.) Jean, of course, prints everything multiple times during the process; I'm just another layer of fault detection. And I have detected darn few faults; Spyros, Facz, and Jean are doing fine work.

And I've started painting, and I've started studying techniques. Three recommendations if you, like me, are a new student:

(1) Our own Ben Williams is GOOD at this stuff, as you know if you followed the campaign. Here's a painting video he did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU7pi2X1Drw. This one is about cars, but the techniques are universal.

(2) Of the many mini-paintings tutorials online, my favorite so far is the series by Squidmar (www.squidmar.com). He's very good at what he does, and he can explain in one minute more than some of the other folks do in ten. (I appreciate it when a teacher is respectful of my time and doesn't stall and babble to stretch out the video!) He's also not shy about recommending what equipment he likes and showing us why. Thanks, dude!

(3) The "dip tone" stuff from Army Painter really works (and so, no doubt, does its Games Workshop equivalent). I need to gain experience with it, but for shading it's a minor miracle.

-- Steve Jackson

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