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January 26, 2019: The Maverick's Classic Microgame Museum

As we continue preparations for the upcoming Pocket Box crowdfunding project (coming to Kickstarter on January 30, so follow us today!), some energy is going into researching the history of the games and collecting as much info as possible on the line (to supplement what we already have in our company archives). There are a handful of online resources, one of which – The Maverick's Classic Microgame Museum – does an excellent job of summarizing microgames from a variety of publishers of the '70s and '80s. 

As we see it, there are two groups who will find the Classic Microgames Museum useful:

  • If you're a long-time fan of Steve Jackson Games and can remember the classic Pocket Box of the '80s, the Classic Microgame Museum is a trip down memory lane that will inevitably trigger fond memories of cutting out the bits, reading the rules, and then defeating your friends at one or more of these earlier titles.
  • If you're new to the Pocket Box format – possibly not even born until well after the games were in stores – then the Classic Microgame Museum is a snapshot of the past that should prove educational. Cover shots, release info, and even the random fact or two make the page a fabulous starting point if you've never before encountered Pocket Box games. 

Back in my day, kids, we had to cut the counters out . . . while walking uphill to school.

-- Phil Reed

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