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July 15, 2006: GURPS In Chinese . . . Help!

We are now caught up with the fan-created translations of GURPS Lite . . . except for two. And the Spanish one is out of our hands at the moment, but will soon be in your hands; layout is done and the translator is putting some final tweaks on it.

That leaves Chinese.

Thanks to the efforts of Martin Barela, we have a text file for Lite in Simplified Chinese. But we can't lay it out. We now know that it's simply impossible to handle a Chinese-character file with an English edition of Quark, and probably any other layout program. (Perhaps we should have known that a year ago, but the problem had never arisen here before . . .)

So at this point, all we can do is ask: Is there anyone out there who possesses a layout program that will work with Chinese, who will volunteer to take Martin's text and format it as a usable PDF to distribute with the other versions of GURPS Lite?

If so, please drop me a line at sj@sjgames.com. Thanks!
-- Steve Jackson

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