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June 1, 2010: Describing The Urban

GURPS City Stats It's like that game where you build cities . . . except you never have to take out a loan and the public transportation advice column doesn't nag you for having too many roads. But unlike that game, it's a book -- and from what I've been told, books are better for you.

With GURPS City Stats you can build cities with lots of detail, organized in a quick to reference format. And just to prove it, four sample cities are included. Just how "detailed" is "lots of detail"? The stat block created by this system covers population, culture, economy, and even magical environment.

If your game is based in urban areas, this PDF should be on your list. If your game doesn't have urban areas, then where the heck are your adventurers going to sell that rare Ming vase they dug out of the dungeon?

-- Paul Chapman

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