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June 13, 2010: Everything We've Ever Released

Now online, linked from Our Games, is the Everything Report. It is generated directly from our Master Control Database, aka Tron. This is the database we use to keep up with our schedules, our back cover and advertising copy, our credits, and a whole lot of other things, so it really is our Official Word on what we've done. The Everything Report covers everything we've ever released . . . from the first Pocket Box games in the early 1980s to the things we're sending to print right now.

We hope this will be interesting to you - and who knows? It might actually be useful if you're building a library. It's certainly going to be useful to us. In fact, just getting this page ready for public display has forced us to blow a lot of dust off the database and given us ideas for making Tron more useful.

-- Steve Jackson

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