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June 1, 2003:
Elmore is e-Baying one of the Car Wars paintings he did for TSR, back when we licensed them the rights to do choose-your-own-adventure books. Pretty . . . read article

June 2, 2003:
If you have this page bookmarked, you might not have seen the new home page design. It's not as dramatic as the old one - very few things are as dramatic as a bright color on a black background - but it's far more readable than light-on-black, has room for more information, and ought to be friendlier to more browsers . . . read article

June 3, 2003:
(A series of urgent announcements kicked last Friday's entry back in the queue . . . here it is, delayed but not forgotten!) Sasquatch coverage of the South is pretty much complete with the Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization . . . read article

June 4, 2003:
You've seen the Paneuropean buildings for Ogre. Now the Combine ones are on their way . . . read article

June 5, 2003:
This page has been up for a while, but the link was a bit obscure . . . so "Hey, folks . . . read article

June 6, 2003:
DARPA is still on the cutting edge. This time they're slicing through that thin veil of your privacy with the proposed LifeLog . . . read article

June 7, 2003:
Warehouse 23 will be the exclusive source of the limited edition hardcover of Issaries' new HeroQuest roleplaying game. The HeroQuest Limited Edition Hardcover will include the same content as the regular softcover version, but with a custom binding, exclusive blessing, and extra features including: glossy, heavy-weight paper bound-in satin bookmark Greg Stafford's signature customer-selected rune printed on the front cover This special edition is priced at $100, and will only be printed to preorder . . . read article

June 8, 2003:
Sigh, sniff. We'll miss them . . . read article

June 9, 2003:
There are no little guys in Roman helmets involved, and there's no telescope that can blow us up (we think!), but we do have this lovely picture and story about seeing the Earth and moon (as well as Jupiter and three of its moons) from Mars orbit . . . read article

June 10, 2003:
Over the last couple of years, we have announced entirely too many items that then dropped off the schedule. Here's a status report and explanation on them all . . . read article

June 11, 2003:
School's out, and if the whiny kids at your house are whining about having nothing to do like they are at my house, you might want to consider one of these fine Steve Jackson Games products, on their way to distributors and soon to be on game store shelves everywhere: GURPS WWII: Weird War II You think you know about World War II but here are the stories they kept out of the history books. Nazi mystic archmages, SS super"human" troops, secret Antarctic bases, "foo fighters" and that's just what the Axis was up to! . . . read article

June 12, 2003:
Kublacon had a Munchkin d20 game with neat home-made miniatures - miniatures which are just begging for a house rule about eating vanquished enemy troops. Rory Toma was nice enough to send us pictures . . . read article

June 13, 2003:
Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. We're headed for the end-times, and there's a rapture roundup at Rapture Ready . . . read article

June 14, 2003:
How sophisticated have video game consoles become? Researchers have linked 70 or so Playstation 2s in series and created a supercomputer . . . read article

June 15, 2003:
Steve Jackson Games is pleased to announce the following products for release in September, 2003: Illuminati Y2K (Reprint) Back in print at last! This is the set that brought Illuminati into the new millennium. Illuminati Y2K adds 109 more gorgeous full-color cards, bringing the global conspiracies in synch with the times . . . read article

June 16, 2003:
It had to happen . . . read article

June 17, 2003:
Here's one more product Steve Jackson Games is announcing for a September 2003 release: Dork Tower Miniatures The Dork Tower gang as you've never seen them before -- in 3D! John Kovalic's great characters are now 28mm metal miniatures . . . read article

June 18, 2003:
Because I get mail like this: "I had a Cleric in AD&D years ago. I loved him . . . read article

June 19, 2003:
Good Things About Working At A Game Company, #23 in a series: Yesterday, we had Dice Day. We order dice many thousands at a time, and a big order came in from Chessex . . . a dozen different colors, some with pretty speckles or metallic pips . . . read article

June 20, 2003:
When we were talking about this in Pyramid chat, Ken Burnside said "That sounds like the briefing in a 'Ken Hite Runs Transhuman Space' game." I couldn't have put it better myself, which is why I'm quoting him . . . read article

June 21, 2003:
If you're asking what you can do for your country, Bruce Simpson's Daily Aardvark has begun a little DIY project: The Low-Cost Cruise Missile. -- Suggested by Henry Cobb . . . read article

June 22, 2003:
This week, from Thursday through Sunday, a great many game fans will be at Origins in Columbus, Ohio. SJ Games will be there with lots of events run by the Men In Black; we have our own room again this year . . . read article

June 23, 2003:
My big event at Origins this year is a session of Evil Stevie's Pirate Game. For those who have not heard of this: it's a "naval miniatures" game in which the miniatures are Lego ships, from less than a foot long to BIG . . . read article

June 24, 2003:
We were able to get a single snapshot of the upcoming Ogre Ninja. This false-color image unfortunately shows only a part of the Ogre, but it was escorting a band of black-clad infantry loaded down with take-out meals . . . read article

June 25, 2003:
The tallest structure in the Combine arsenal is the Laser Tower. Looming over the battlefield, it's a terror against cruise missiles in the air, and has an unmatched range for tagging enemy armor on the ground . . . read article

June 26, 2003:
Tomorrow afternoon I head off for Origins . . . to wake up bright and early Friday and run the Pirate Game. If you missed the message about that a couple of days ago, read back until you find it . . . . . read article

June 27, 2003:
Someone offers you the chance to supposedly score big by helping some refugee from a failing government secret away millions of dollars . . . if you'll just give them a little seed money to get things rolling. If you haven't been spammed with a money scam like this, chances are you don't own a computer . . . read article

June 28, 2003:
This evening at Origins, William Toporek will be running his GURPS "Iron GM" competition. Each GM gets three random books, six players, and one hour to create characters and adventures that use material from all three books . . . read article

June 29, 2003:
Friday night, the results of the Origins Awards were announced, and Steve Jackson Games was among the big winners! Munchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe won for Best Card Game Supplement, and Star Munchkin won for Best Traditional Card Game. With the prior victories of the Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming and the Munchkin card game itself, this means the Munchkin franchise has gone 4 for 4 in Origins Award voting . . . read article

June 30, 2003:
Is this cool, or what? But it needs an eye . . . . . read article

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