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June 20, 2021: My Dice Tower (Or, When The Imperfect Is Perfect)

Duct Tape Dice Tower

I have a lot of top-notch gaming equipment. But there's a value in having less-great stuff, too, especially if you travel, do conventions, etc. As an example: Like many a gamer, I have some really nice dice-rolling methods. Unfortunately, some of them are too nice, at least to leave the house or put near pizza-gripping fingers. Fortunately, I have the perfect dice tower for such circumstances.

I made this one out of foamboard using these instructions from Instructables as a guide. Since at the time I was trying to get it done quickly (gamers gotta game!), I was lazy in my construction; rather than rely on glue to hold the whole thing together, I used white duct tape.

My efforts resulted in a distinctive-but-neutral, effective dice-roller – one we're not afraid to toss in a backpack or (worst-case scenario) accidentally leave at a convention. If that happens, I may make another one, and it'd probably be better because of the experience I gained making this one. But I hope it sticks around a while; for me, the fact that it's not perfect makes it perfect for many gaming situations.

-- Steven Marsh


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