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May 20, 2021: Illuminati Confirmed Final Week!

Now that we're entering the final week of the Illuminati Confirmed Kickstarter, I thought it would be a good time to really get a look at what we're getting in the project. Illuminati Confirmed has not only funded, but has reached nearly double its original funding goal! That's a huge accomplishment for Derek and the team, but they didn't just rest on their laurels; there have been a few unlocked stretch goals as well. So far we've unlocked:

  • Cults of Personality 60 card expansion with Society of Assassins
  • Ancient Secrets 60 card expansion with The Adepts of Hermes
  • War & Peace 100 card expansion with Shangri La and Dark Discord
  • Illuminati Campaign
  • Weird Science expansion


Plus the project trajectory is aiming to knock down two more: NWO and Illuminati Cold War! Hopefully they can get even more support in this final week, as the more it funds the more cards get added to the game. 

Join in the dark devices of Illuminati Confirmed and back the Kickstarter!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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