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May 1, 2021: GURPS Villains Designer's Notes


One great thing about the GURPS On Demand series is that it shines a spotlight on GURPS titles that have been lost to the depths of time. First published over twenty years ago, in May of 2000, GURPS  Villains is one such title that has a new life as a print-on-demand book available right now as part of the GURPS On Demand series. Even though it has been decades, I can still remember working with Alex on the graphics and layout of the book. The cover was an especially fun project, and seeing it again while reviewing the progress of our print-on-demand program was a treat that reminds me of an ancient time when my time was spent making things.

And it wasn't just the cover to GURPS Villains that caught my eye as I was scanning over the GURPS On Demand titles. Who can forget the days when we would post designer's notes articles to Pyramid, almost for every single GURPS book that we published? It was a different age, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can relive those days right now.

Check out the GURPS Villains designer's notes, and then visit the official webpage to find links to buy the book in print or PDF!

-- Phil Reed

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