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May 14, 2021: April 2021 Top Ten

Finally, after months of zero inventory, the latest reprint of the original Munchkin game landed in the warehouse and started shipping. Being out-of-stock on our evergreens always hurts, but the increased holiday sales plus factory and freight delays meant we spent the first quarter of the year with none of our core Munchkin game to sell to our many outlets. That hurts.

In other April news, mailing the Hexagram #6 Kickstarter rewards officially moved that project onto the sales reports, and two of the new titles for The Fantasy Trip made it into our top ten for April. Another Kickstarter project, the Illuminated Manuscript, also managed to climb into the top ten, as if to demonstrate the importance of maintaining both a traditional release model and creating titles specifically for a crowdfunding channel.

  1. Munchkin
  2. Munchkin Deluxe
  3. Zombie Dice
  4. Munchkin 6 - Double Dungeons
  5. Munchkin Enhancers
  6. Dice Bag: Munchkin
  7. Hexagram #6
  8. Munchkin 4 - The Need For Steed
  9. Illuminated Manuscript
  10. The Fantasy Trip Old School Monsters

-- Phil Reed

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