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May 21, 2021: Munchkin Enhancers Available Now

Munchkin Enhancers

Did you know that Munchkin games are even more fun when you add expansions? It's true . . . and this particular expansion is full of energy! Munchkin Enhancers takes a standard, already silly Munchkin core game and gives it a burst of energy, simply by adding 30 new cards! You've been playing with that same Horny Helmet for years, what if it came . . . With Cupholders? Sure, a Net Troll is scary, but make it Frosty and it's even more chilling! 

This mini-expansion works with any Munchkin game, classic or new! Even the newer releases like Munchkins & Mazes or Munchkin Tails can take it for a spin!

You can order Munchkin Enhancers now on Warehouse 23, or get it at your finest local game store. Enhance your game today!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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