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June 22, 2011: More About Origins!

I know, I know: we talked about Origins just yesterday. But a couple of new bits of information came in that I thought you'd like to know.

A limited number of Munchkin Zombies 2 Armed and Dangerous just arrived at the Adventure Retail booth -- booth number 204 --  and will be available for sale this weekend. This is the first expansion for Munchkin Zombies, and Origins will be the first -- and for the next month, the only -- place you can get it. As fast as Munchkin Zombies is selling, I expect we'll sell out of MZ2 quickly.

In other Munchkin news, Origins will host the traditional Munchkin U.S. National Championship. If you're interested, the first qualifier is on Wednesday at 1pm If you can't make that one, don't worry; there are another dozen or so qualifiers throughout the weekend, leading up to the final on Saturday at 8pm. For all the details, check out the Origins Events page.

Mario Butter will be running the tournament. Mario says he's "been a MIB for a little over 8 years and has racked up an impressive player kill ratio of over 80%, and a total party kill ratio of over 50% for the hidden masters in this short time." He's just the sort of munchkin you want running a Munchkin game.

If you're in the Columbus, Ohio, area this weekend, get over to Origins! It's worth the trip to start your summer of gaming right!

-- Paul Chapman

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