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June 23, 2021: Choose Cthulhu Coming To America!

The international smash success Choose Cthulhu book series is coming to the United States, via Steve Jackson Games! We're proud to announce our partnership with Edward Riker and his team to bring this series to a wider audience. A series of gamebooks in which readers choose their own path (I'd recommend Cthulhu, personally), Choose Cthulhu is modern, but has tremendous respect for the 80s progenitors of the genre. Edward himself explains: 

"We want to revive the 80s feeling in every aspect; our books are intended for the adults who enjoyed original gamebooks during their youth and for the new generations that missed the incredible feeling of interactive reading. [Our] gamebooks for mature readers have an excellent narrative style, even using many passages from the original H.P Lovecraft masterworks."

Choose Cthulhu

We'll have more news about availability and release information soon, so stay tuned for more Choose Cthulhu!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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