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May 23, 2021: John Nephew Talks International Kickstarter Fulfillment

The game industry is packed with amazing members of the community who make me question my skills and smarts, but few impress me the way John Nephew does. He's always thinking, always surprising me with his business sense and tireless work ethic, and is someone I have looked up to and respected for decades. I doubt John even remembers this, but he was one of the first people in the industry to encourage my creative efforts when I was publishing zines way back in 1994/1995. 

As always, John comes through again, this time with a Twitter thread where he addresses the challenges of international Kickstarter fulfillment. As many of you know, we've struggled with international fulfillment and continue to find it far, far too expensive and complicated to offer international rewards in all of our Kickstarter campaigns. This year, between Brexit and new EU laws going into effect in the summer, it's even more troublesome and challenging than before, and John outlines his experiences with the process and explains the details in ways I never could.

If you've often asked "why no international options?" when checking out one of our Kickstarter campaigns, this thread provides some valuable information. We're going to continue looking for reasonable and smart ways to handle international fulfillment, but please keep in mind that we're not going to take action until we know exactly how to handle the situation.

-- Phil Reed

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