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June 26, 2004: Moaning And Twitching, We Persevere

We really thought the GURPS Basic Set would go to press today. Well, not quite. Check, fix little things, recheck, fix little things, recheck, OHMYGOSH, fix big thing, recheck . . .

Actually, Book 2 is burned onto disk already, as is the cover to Book 1. But it will be sometime tomorrow before we get the last little colored flag off the stack of laser-printed pages and finish with Book 1.

Big thanks to everyone who has been helping with this final down-to-the-wire stretch . . . Monica Stephens, Moe Chapman, Alex Fernandez, Justin De Witt, Fade Manley, and of course Andrew Hackard and Sean Punch. Soon it will be over and we can sit back and wait for the applause. Please, please, let it be applause . . .

Word from Origins, though, is that GURPS Dragons is being well received. This is the book that's a hybrid between Third and Fourth editions (and yes, we have made all the cheesy "3.5" jokes around the office already). It was written with Third Edition rules, but an appendix was added to translate it to Fourth, and it's a full-color hardback like the Fourth Edition books will be. Alex did the illustrations, and it's really nice; we're not surprised that it's going over well, but we're still grateful!

Anyway . . . tomorrow morning we'll be back here for the last little push, and then it goes into FedEx, and Monday it'll be in the hands of the printers and we'll be working on GURPS Fantasy.

PS - Origins Awards

The results just came in, and you voted us two Origins Awards this year. Thanks! Pyramid won the Gamer's Choice award for "Best Electronic Product," and Munchkin Fu was named the Gamer's choice for Best Card Game. And congratulations to Loren Wiseman on his induction into the Hall of Fame! Check out the Ogre Cave for the complete list.
-- Steve Jackson

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