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March 1, 2023: Say Hello To The New Warehouse 23

Warehouse 23 has been our direct sales home base for years now, and has served us well. But like most things in the digital realm, it needed a bit of an upgrade to keep up with the times, so we're officially introducing our New Warehouse 23 store on Shopify! You may have seen our Daily Illuminators about Shopify, or even made some purchases as a beta tester (thank you all for helping)!

As of this month, Warehouse 23 has officially transitioned to the new site. You will no longer be able to place orders on the old site. Banners on the old home page will direct you to click through to the new store.

  • If you're an existing user of Warehouse 23, it's easy to activate your present account on the new Shopify siteClick here to visit the login page at the new site. Then, under "Create an Account," click "Register." Be sure to sign up using the same email address you used on the original Warehouse 23. The email address is very important! Once you've done this, you're all set. 
  • If you've never shopped online with us before: go here to create your account.
  • If you have purchased PDFs or other digital files from Warehouse 23 in the past, many of them are already in your account in the new store. Please note that we are still porting over existing files, and this could take anywhere from a week to several weeks. You will find message updates in your Shopify library; watch these for the latest info!

This is a big transition for the whole team, so please be patient as they complete the changeover and reply to customer service requests. If you have questions that still aren't answered, please write to help@sjgames.com.

Welcome to the new incarnation of Warehouse 23! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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