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March 31, 2023: Free Easter Dice On Warehouse 23

Peter Cottontail may bring eggs and candy, but Steve Jackson Games brings free dice, and I know I need dice more than eggs. We're starting off Spring with a free Easter d6 Dice Set with physical orders of $50 or more on Warehouse 23, now through April 9. Plus, you still get awesome swag like Munchkin promos and other freebies with physical orders. No bunny has better deals and loot than we do!

Speaking of dice, we've got a number of new releases that can help you reach that $50 goal, such as the Kitten Polyhedral Dice for your favorite roleplaying games. Or maybe some of our specialized dice like The Elder Futhark Die and Seven Deadly Sins Die, perfect for adding some flare to any game you play. You could even grab some dice bags while you're there to store them all in!

This deal hops away on Easter, April 9, so fill up your baskets on Warehouse 23 now! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


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