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March 3, 2023: GM's Day Sale On Warehouse 23

When was the last time you were nice to your Game Master? I'm not talking "my character's background is only 4 pages long this time" either. Roleplaying games are amazing, and GMs do so much work to make the game enjoyable for the players. From legendary encounters to tricky traps, GMs weave layers of storytelling into games, using games like GURPS and The Fantasy Trip, among many more. GM's Day happens March 4 and we're celebrating them all weekend with our GM's Day Sale on Warehouse 23, March 3-6! 

Get discounts across the board on all GURPS books and PDFs, The Fantasy Trip books and PDFs, and more. Pick up a new adventure to inspire your fearless leader to start up a new campaign! Or snag some new dice and dice bags at a discount. Who knows, maybe your GM will use the dice you gave them against you for something great*! 

The sale is taking place on our new Warehouse 23, so make sure to register on the site. You can find instructions here. Fill your GM's library with some new adventures, or maybe just stock your own coffers with RPG goodness! 

*Steve Jackson Games is not responsible for any dice used by your GM to kill your character. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

GMs Day Sale

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