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March 2, 2023: Gelatinous Second Edition

We first released Gelatinous as a Warehouse 23 exclusive title in 2020. We had hoped to put the game into widespread release, but the combination of pricey manufacturing costs plus the global pandemic relegated the first edition to direct sales only. Fortunately, the game did quite well and we have decided to roll the dice on a second edition. Gameplay is unchanged, but we've switched the packaging to a box (with windows, to show the green glitter dice) and included game aids to make it easier than ever to teach Gelatinous to your friends.

The new edition is now reaching our primary warehouse and currently scheduled for release to stores in March. If you already own the first edition, then there's no reason to grab this newest version . . . unless you want to add even more players to your game sessions!* If you missed out on that first release, please visit your favorite local game store today to pre-order the game. Between the quick, fast-playing rules and the gaggle of glittery dice, this is a great addition to your library. It is excellent for families and can be taught by gamers of any age . . . as demonstrated in this video from Play the Game HQ.

-- Phil Reed

* Please note that the dice are not identical between the first and second editions, and combining dice from the two editions may make the game slightly more challenging. Of course, some of you may want a tad more difficulty in your dexterity games.

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