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March 6, 2023: Tabloids At PensaCon


We showed Tabloids (first mentioned here) at Pensa - Irene, Emma, and I all played, and then we had four people come up to join and none of the three originals wanted to drop out, so we just played with seven. This made the cards run out quicker but had no other effect.

It went well! The game wrapped quickly, but not too quickly, and we had a tabloid with seven peculiar and scandalous headlines. I was the only one who did not win a round, which just goes to show something or other.

Current status of the game – We are happy with the rules and cards. We are still going back and forth on the cover. We are ready, though, to get Tabloids into our Kickstarer queue. The base set will be 328 cards. Since extra words just add to the fun, the stretch goals will be more cards, separately packaged so they can be added to the Kickstarter edition only.

Here's Irene's pic of the outcome of the game . . . the winning headline from each round.

-- Steve Jackson

(NOTE: We haven't decided if Tabloids will get a wide release post-Kickstarter or limited release, so we're unsure of which Kickstarter account we'll use for the crowdfunding stage. Please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter so that you don't miss Tabloids, regardless of which decision we make. -PR)


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