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March 7, 2009: Warning! Coder Joke Ahead!

If you're familiar with XKCD and a coder geek, you're likely already familiar with the infamous "sudo make me a sandwich" joke. If not, go read the strip. (For non-coders, "sudo" is a command to use admin privileges without going through the process of logging out and then back in just to execute a single line. Or at least that's what Thomas told me.)

Bre Pettis and Adam Cecchetti have taken the joke a step further, actually creating a device that will stack bread, cheese, and more bread, then slide the pile into a toaster. And, of course, the command requires use of "sudo."

Work is still needed before necessities like bacon or tomatoes can be included in your sandwich, but for a joke made manifest through technology, it works just fine. We truly live in an age of wonders.

-- Paul Chapman

Reminder: e23 will be closed on Monday, March 9 from 12am (aka midnight) until 3pm -- no orders, and more importantly, no downloading your current files. If you need it, grab it over the weekend. The Secret Masters appreciate your patience with our downtime.

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