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March 10, 2009: Warehouse 23 Is Back!

After a week of downtime, Warehouse 23 is back online. Some of the construction projects are still "in progress," but things have settled enough for the shipping table to be used. We've got a ton of new storage space, and the reorganization has given us the opportunity to re-think our work flows. It's a bit messy at the moment, but in the very near future, our space going to be better arranged than we've ever had it.

(If you'd like to see pictures of our construction adventures, we'll keep them available for a while.)

Now for the good stuff: As a thank-you for sticking with us, we're running a Warehouse 23 Grand Re-Opening Sale! All Steve Jackson Games products are 10% off for the next week (March 10 through March 16).

So: Thank you for shopping at Warehouse 23! Our Thrilling Tales of Construction continue, but the shipping must go on!

-- Paul Chapman

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