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March 8, 2016: The Munchkin Book Gets Reviewed!

The Munchkin Book The Munchkin Book from BenBella Books has been recently released, and readers are talking! People are getting a kick out the classic Munchkin humor, combined with essays ranging from game design to family and beyond.

  • Fanboy Comics talked about the familial aspects of some of the essays. As a parent himself, a lot of the articles concerning gaming with children stuck out to him. Some of the excerpts even influenced his play style elsewhere, like GMing other role playing games.
  • Our friends over at Geek Dad gave a wonderful breakdown of the different aspects of the book, from the self-described "inside baseball" articles about making Munchkin, to the general humor and life advice pieces by our amazing contributors.
  • And Online Eccentric Librarian enjoyed the excessive puns, and felt The Munchkin Book evoked a similar humor to the game.

Thanks to all of the reviewers for their kind words! The Munchkin Book is a labor of love for the writers and editors. To find that so many essays, running the gamut of gaming topics, are hitting home with readers is incredible! You can find The Munchkin Book at your local bookseller, or through Amazon if you don't have a store nearby.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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