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March 21, 2016: Get More Time With The Munchkin Guest Artists!

Munchkin GAE

We are adjusting the release schedule for the Munchkin Guest Artists Editions to give them each more time at your friendly local game store. Spacing out the release of the Munchkin Guest Artist Edition games, we hope, will allow you time to grab these special editions and avoid the inevitable (and inflated) aftermarket prices. We are moving the following release dates:

After the first Munchkin Guest Artist Edition game sold out of our main warehouse in three days this January, and considering the strong sales of the Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition in February, we decided to make a change. Stay up-to-date on the new calendar and releases as they're announced on the guest artist page.

But, don't wait too long! These are limited and may sell out fast despite our best efforts.

-- Rhea Friesen

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