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March 26, 2016: Austin's Newest Toy Store Will Destroy Me

Toy DojoI've written two books about transforming robot toys (Transforming Collections, Transforming Expectations), and one of my greatest weaknesses is awesome robot toys that are fun to transform, study, and photograph. I've rarely encountered these toys in stores, so up until last week, 99% of my purchases have happened through online retailers (just about the only place to buy these toys in the U.S.). This is a good thing, since some of the designs can get pricey. The quality and engineering tend to be fabulous; buying them only online has protected me from the temptation of pure robot goodness.

Now my greatest defense is gone, since Toy Dojo opened in Austin. The store opened its doors last month, but I didn't get a chance to visit them until last weekend. My short review of the store?

I'm doomed.

Seriously, this is exactly the wrong store to have anywhere within a day trip of my home. For it to be a short 30 minutes from the office means my bank account is certain to be totally destroyed within the next day or two. This store is fantastic! I posted a few pics at my site, but I suggest avoiding that if you're as weak as I am. I'm ready to go to the store again today, even if that means I am forced to buy a robot or two.

If you're in Austin, you've gotta visit Toy Dojo. Really. It's that incredible.

-- Phil Reed

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