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March 16, 2016: Munchkin Comic #15 Preview

Munchkin 15Munchkin 15 We've got a sneak preview of the upcoming Munchkin comic issue #15 from BOOM! Studios, written and illustrated by our own Munchkin Guest Artist Len Peralta! Spyke and Flower are journeying through a dystopian wasteland . . . I mean a convention, to meet Spyke's hero: Earl, the Super Munchkin. All he has to do is navigate the labyrinth of cosplayers, nerds, and swag they find at MunchKon. Easier said than done! 

Len also did a Speed Drawing of the cover! You can check it out on his YouTube channel

Munchkin #15 is available later this month at Friendly Local Comic Stores everywhere. And don't forget the promo code in the back!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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