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March 13, 2016: Help Us Find Where We're Going

WWG 87

WWG 87

If you've been following SJ Games for a while, you'll notice we publish a lot of different newsletters and leaflets to keep you guys informed about our company. One such document was Where We're Going, a newsletter talking about upcoming products, happenings around the office, and other such geekery.

Well now, we call upon you folks to assist us in locating one of these lost treasures. Archiving is very important here at Steve Jackson Games, and it seems we do not have our normal archival copy of Where We're Going #87. So we appeal to you, loyal reader, to help us out! We need a clean copy of this newsletter to go straight into the company archives: to be preserved for all time in our historical loot! We are looking for multiple, clean examples. Folds are ok, but limited damage if possible. The first 2 people to send a quality issue will get a very special prize from our company archives. This isn't your everyday bounty!

If you have a copy, email community@sjgames.com and we will get you the shipping details. Help us preserve our history!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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