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March 13, 2022: Revolution! Playtests

Philip duBarry's Revolution! is a fabulous game that we first published in 2009. The game is a social challenge, with no randomizers and every player taking their turn at the same time. Winning a game of Revolution! requires the ability to both plan ahead and read your opponents, and leaves plenty of room for deals . . . and backstabbing. Revolution! has been out of print for several years now, but we've got a new edition of the game in the works and playtesting is moving forward quite nicely.

The new Revolution! isn't a second edition, but a re-imagining of the game on a different world. Where the original was set in our history, the upcoming edition of Revolution! transports the action to another setting  one that we will reveal just as soon as we finalize the playtest and development process and have concrete data for a crowdfunding campaign to bring the game to life.

One of the biggest changes between the original game and the new project is that we're planning for both three/four player and five/six player versions in the same box. The gameboard and bidding boards are designed as two-sided, and a project stretch goal (if unlocked) adds that second side (five/six player version) to the game.

We aren't quite ready to share the details, but please watch the Daily Illuminator and we'll announce just as soon as the game exits the playtest and development process and we're ready for the crowdfunding stage!

-- Phil Reed

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