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March 25, 2009: Aiyee Spy

Okay, maybe that wasn't the best joke I've ever had, but I needed something appropriate for Pyramid #3/5: Horror & Spies. I couldn't rightly title the entry "Buy Our Book If You Find Its Contents Pleasing, Don't Buy It If You Are Not Amenable To Such A Product." For one thing, that's way too long. For another, it contains a reference to neither horror nor spies. And the subtitle of this issue makes it quite clear that not only is horror featured, but that there are spies as well. To not represent at least one of them in the title is to be disingenuous. That I managed to work in both (however tenuously) speaks highly of my ability, I should think!

Hmm. It seems I have gotten off-track. Um . . .  Go buy our book if you find its contents pleasing!

-- Fox Barrett

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