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March 25, 2022: Steve Jackson Games' 2022 Mystery Box Now On Indiegogo

Our small Austin warehouse is overflowing with games; this is your chance to benefit from our woes! The 2022 Mystery Box is a 13" x 13" x 10" custom-printed mailer box that we're ready to pack with over $200 worth of gaming goodies. We've designed the boxes, but we aren't sure how many of these to print. Do we need 100 boxes? 200 boxes? More than 300 boxes? We don't know!

Right now we're finding out exactly how many boxes to produce in this Indiegogo campaign that closes on Tuesday, March 29. A single box is $100 plus shipping, and each box includes over $200 worth of games, supplements, and accessories . . . and maybe more depending on which stretch goals are unlocked!

Click here to learn more at Indiegogo!

-- Phil Reed

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