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May 5, 2003: Hi!

The latest minions of the office have arrived, escaping the somewhat scenic vistas of Lawrence, Kansas, for Austin, Texas . . .

Kim Bernard is an editorial assistant, writing, editing, or screaming at text as Andrew requires. A life-long gamer, she didn't discover SJ Games or GURPS until meeting her husband in '97. Outside of gaming, her interests include computer games, weird stuffed animals, Japanese cooking, and 17th-century British literature. She is VERY happy to be here rather than working as a technical writer at a mundane computer company. She looks forward to lots and lots of books in her future, both those she has to edit and those she gets to read for fun.

Kayn Bernard is a production assistant, working on layout, artwork, and other related materials. He, too, is a life-long gamer, who met his wife at a gaming club meeting at the University of Kansas. He is a rabid GURPS player. His other hobbies include card games, computer games, giving his wife trouble, and fencing. He is thrilled to have an interesting job, with the added benefit of being able to work in the same office as his wife.

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