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May 9, 2010: Munchkin Boosters!

Last week, Warehouse 23 released both Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa, the two Munchkin boosters that were pulled from shelves last fall due to card curling issues.

If you waited this long to get a refund from your local retailer, you'd better hope for a very liberal exchange policy. If you're out of luck there, OR if you got the Waiting for Santa booster as part of the Munchkin Holiday Edition, you may exchange the curly foil set for the new printing of the same set (not foiled, not curly), via Warehouse 23. The details (including the address) are here.

If you previously followed the booster replacement instructions, we're pretty close to done with the stack of envelopes you've sent us. Look for the replacements to start arriving in the next week or two.

Of course, if you waited to pick up a copy of either of these boosters, your patience has paid off! They're here, and buying them is just a click away.

-- Paul Chapman

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