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May 12, 2011: Ogre 6th Edition Update

Heres an update on the progress of Ogre 6th Edition.

Yes, were definitely going to do it. There was a lot of distributor support at the GAMA Trade Show, and I have gotten more mail about this game than about any announcement weve ever done before. So the game will happen, and it will go through the regular distribution chain. That means that you will be able to get it through your hobby shop.

Many of those letters said things like If you want to do this game, dont let anything stop you. I appreciate that support very much.

Currently, we plan to print 3,000 copies, plus some extra maps and counters as a W23 offering. The retail price of the game will be an even $100.00.

Many of you have asked about pre-orders. Right now were not taking pre-orders for any new releases. What we have done is set up a mailing list. You can subscribe to it here. This will be a very low-volume list. We wont spam you, but well update you on important milestones, tell you when it goes to print, and tell you when you can order it.

Answers to frequently asked questions, in my mail and online:

When will it come out, exactly?

Good question. When I first started to write this Illuminator, more than a month ago, it said it will happen this year. Im not sure about that. I spent the better part of two weeks sick, at a bad time, and then that interesting Secret Munchkin Project opportunity appeared and distracted me from everything else. Now Im about to go to Brazil. Distractions, distractions. But well keep working.

Will it be in a scale big enough to use the Ogre miniatures?

Yes, absolutely. The map is made to work with the minis.

Im going to buy two copies!

Thats not a question, but at least a dozen people said that. Now thats support! Thank you again.

-- Steve Jackson

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