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May 12, 2021: Low Stock Alert: Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle

While reviewing Warehouse 23, we noticed that the Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle is very close to shifting to the out-of-stock category. This large box is loaded with near-exact reprints of the original Illuminati game and expansions from the eighties, and it is the fastest way to add an instant collection of original Illuminati to your library.

The bundle includes Illuminati, the first two expansions each in a plastic Pocket Box, a ziplock bag expansion, and two 9" x 12" pocket folders featuring classic Illuminati artwork.

We're not sure how long the remaining copies will last, but we do know that it's basically now or never to add the bundle to your collection. When they're gone, they're gone for . . . years? Decades? We don't know for sure!

-- Phil Reed

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