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May 20, 2007: GURPS High-Tech Progress Report

The third GURPS book scheduled for release this year has just hit an important milestone -- the transition from "editing" to "production."

Sean Punch, the GURPS Line Editor himself, personally took the editing responsibilities for High-Tech. This was a big job, because Hans-Christian Vortisch, Shawn Fisher, and Michael Hurst all know their stuff . . . and there's a lot of stuff to know.

Last week, Sean polished off the last few details, and handed it over to Managing Editor Phil Reed. Now the text enters preliminary layout, and art specs get written.

We're still many weeks away from actually sending this project to the printer, much less releasing it, but this is the point when the project moves from "text-like" to more "book-like." It's a big step.
-- Paul Chapman

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